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Review: The Island

The Island is a story about relationships centered around four women: Birdie, Chess, Tate and India.

Birdie, a divorcee, planning her daughter’s wedding and generally looking for things to occupy her time since her divorce from Grant two years ago. She proposes a last hurrah of sorts with Chess, her eldest daughter. who is getting married in the Fall. She would like to go to Tuckernuck Island (near Nantucket) and spend two weeks at the old Tate family house. Chess, a successful editor at Glamorous Home, initially is hesitant. She then decides to go with her mom.

Birdie calls the man who had been the caretaker of the house and asks him to prepare it for their stay. The caretaker is retired, but his son, Barrett, can take care of the renovations to those house. After being abandoned for thirteen years the house has seen better days. It needs a lot of repair, but Barrett feels that he can have it repaired in time for Birdie’s trip with her daughter in July.

Then everything changes. Chess calls off the wedding and she quits her job. She also cuts her beautiful hair. She flees the city to stay with her mother. And then tragedy strikes, her ex-finance dies in a mountain climbing accident. Continue reading


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The Beach House

I don’t know if it is me or if it is the books. I used to run out and buy Jane Green’s books and devour them immediately. Now, I get them at the library and they leave me feeling not quite disappointed but not all together satisfied either.

The Beach House was a light, summery read. But it was also incredibly predictable. There are two big reveals with two characters that I saw coming from a mile away.

I also found myself frustrated at times with the editing. You could tell that Green is English and at times her word choice seemed unnatural to an American ear. (A 13yr American girl would never get excited over a “proper job”. American’s don’t have rows. We have arguments or fights.) I could have excused this if one of the characters was English, but all were East Coasters.

All in all I would rate this a 2.5/5.

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