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The Other Mother’s Club

I adored this book. As someone who was lucky enough to win the stepmother lottery, I enjoyed reading a story from a perspective we rarely read about.

Eve falls in love with Ian, a widower, but is unprepared to cope with the challenges of living with his three children. She turns to her best friend Claire, a single mother with a teenager. Claire has Eve speak with her sister, Lily who is seeing someone with a young daughter. Next thing you know, the Stepmothers Support Group is formed and two additional members are added. The women met at Starbucks to discuss the challenges that they are facing being a stepmother. Eve struggles to get Ian’s oldest daughter Hannah to like her, or at the very least, not hate her. She is also coping with living in a house where another woman still has a very large presence. Claire struggles when her ex, Will, appears wanting to met the daughter he abandoned some 14 years ago. The other women have their own stories, but the plot revolving the characters of Eve and Claire was most defined.

Even though Baker’s book is about the challenges facing mothers/stepmothers, at its core it is really about women and friendship. You don’t need to be a stepmother or mom to appreciate this book. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good summer read.

Rating: 5/5


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