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Eat, Pray, Love or Why Did I read this?

I feel like I was probably one of the few people that hadn’t read Elizabeth Gilbert’s 2006 bestseller, Eat, Pray, Love.

I bought the book about two years ago at Borders in one of those half off deals. It had been sitting on my top “To Be Read” shelf forever. Then the movie with Julia Roberts came out and I felt like enough was enough, I really had to read this book. I was considering going to see the movie since I like Julia Roberts.

But after reading only a few pages, I began asking myself why? Why did I feel compelled to read this? Why would I want to go see a movie made from this book? Why were so many people giving this book such good reviews.

I just don’t get it. So Liz wakes up one day when she’s in her early 30s and realizes she doesn’t want to be married. She doesn’t want to live in the suburbs. She wonders how did she get there.

Is it just me or does anyone else have the Talking Heads Once in a Lifetime running through their head?

Haven’t we all had a moment in our lives when we think, how did I get here? Or this is not where I expected to be?

I guess I might have enjoyed this book if I didn’t find Liz so annoying. She begins the book by stating that she isn’t going to go into the details of her marriage or divorce but goes on and on in several parts of the book about how her ex made the divorce difficult. She makes it clear that she was responsible for earning the bulk of the income and buying the house. How is this not saying anything about your ex? I couldn’t help but feel awful for her ex-husband.

A coworker told me I would enjoy this book and I should press on. I told her the next day that I had made it through Eat, I was reading Pray and I was still not loving this book.

Who wouldn’t want to take a year off when times get tough and travel the world?  I just couldn’t get past my annoyance with her. I wanted to smack her. There are so many people dealing with bigger problems.

The only thing this book made me want to do was plan a trip to Italy and watch Under the Tuscan Sun which is a much better story about finding oneself and the search for love.

1.5 /5 stars

Now to add this to the pile of books I’m getting rid of.


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