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I Wish I Had Artistic Talent

Two things today reminded me of my favorite book and made me wish I had one once of artistic talent.

Below is an artist’s attempt to sum up some of his favorite books, movies, historical events, anything, -in this case The Great Gatsby- with just four icons. Neat concept and really cool artwork. Take a look at some of the others.

The other thing that I came across today was  The Fox Is Black competition: Re-Covered Books. Take a look at some of those illustrations. It’s a good thing that not all of them are available or I’d buy even more copies of this magnificent book.

(Note: I still wish the pretty hardcover Penquin Classics books were sold in the U.S. I want the whole set and I’m too cheap to order them on Amazon and deal with currency conversation and shipping.)


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Review: Mad Men The Illustrated World

If you are a fan of the tv show Mad Men, you probably know Dyna Moe’s work. She did the illustrations for the Mad Men Yourself application on the AMC website that everyone went nuts over last season. She became pretty popular during the second season of the show for posting illustrations of one scene for each episode on flickr.

Well now she has a book out, Mad Men: The Illustrated World,  which is “An Official Mad Men Book”. What can I say about this book other than I LOVE IT.

Seriously, if you are remotely a fan of this show you will enjoy this book.

The book is divided into different sections: The Office, The Home, Fashion & Beauty, Arts & Leisure, Mainstream & Counterculture, Travel and Rainy Day Activities.

The Office section includes steps on dealing with the accidental foot amputation (Soak up the blood with newspapers but be sure you use the Classifieds section) as well as dealing with a difficult client (Liquid courage. Drink as many highballs as possible to get you through the day).

The Home section includes recipes for the newlyweds supper for two (Peas with bacon), the ever popular Sally Draper’s cocktail menu (now I know how to make a sidecar), hangover remedies, and how to decorate with Victorian fainting couches.

The Fashion & Beauty section provides an illustrated guide to what your secretary’s hair says about her (“I only have sexual fantasies about my husband and my pastor”), steps to getting that perfect bouffant (“Douse the entire head with the remainder of the hairspray can. Add bejeweled accessories if you’re a classy society lady.”), and make up tips.

In Arts & Leisure we get a cheat sheet for mid-century novels. Helen Gurley Brown’s Sex and the Single Girl: How to be an unrepentant – yet Machiavellian- slut from the woman who later founded Cosmo. Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged: A strident defense of capitalism and individualism told in the form of a hack sci-fi novel.

Mainstream & Counterculture furnishes steps on how to make your own Folk song or learn some phrases for well-meaning squares (“How many ascots should I pack for the Freedom Ride?“).

The Travel section offers suggestions on places to visit in New York (Roosevelt Hotel know for their discretion), things you need to outfit a hotel for a workday tryst (liquor, knee brace, Kennedy’s book of signature excuses, etc.)

And for those rainy days when you need something do to, you can play Cuban Missle Crisis or use the paper dolls of Joan Harris (complete with outfits based on the gorgeous costumes designed by Janie Bryant).

This book is the perfect coffee table book as it is a guaranteed conversation piece. The art is fabulous and it just makes me wish I had an ounce of te talent that Moe has. And as someone who loves fonts, I wish I could download the fonts that were used in the book. Some are fanciful and just plain fun.

I highly recommend purchasing this book for any Mad Men fan in your life.

5/5 stars.

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