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Maybe This Time – “You’ve got to read this book”

I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of Jennifer Crusie’s latest book, Maybe This Time, from GoodReads. There was a note on the back of the book from an editor singing Crusie’s praises and urging people to read the book. “So, I’m stopping you in the street. I’m grabbing you by the lapels and I’m saying “You’ve got to read this book.”

Generally when I see notes like that from Publishers I’m skeptical – because hey, they have product to sell. But I found myself doing the exact same thing. Halfway through the book I emailed two friends telling them that they had to add the book to the top of their ‘To Be Read’ pile. There was something about it that was so charming. I’ve already loaned out my copy to a coworker with another coworker begging for it next.

Andie Miller is trying to get on with her life and break completely free from her ex-husband, North Archer. She visits him at his office bringing with her ten years of alimony checks. Andie wants North to stop sending the checks because she is looking to marry her fiance and start a new life. North agrees but he has just has one last request. It seems that North was made guardian to two children when a distant cousin passed away. The children have had it rough. They have gone through three different nannies. North requests that Andie “fix” the children so that he could bring them up to live with his family. In exchange for Andie’s assistance North will pay Andie $10,000 a month plus room and board and expenses, a lot of money today – even more in 1992 when the book was set. Andie sees this as an opportunity to eliminate her debt and enter into her marriage without baggage.

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