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“I will never stop loving the printed book,” Mr. Connelly says. Yet, “I am very interested in this world. E-books are here to stay.” He adds, “There is the advantage of being able to carry multiple things. I travel a lot—believe me, I notice the weight.”

Mystery and thriller author Michael Connelly

Today’s Wall Street Journal has an interesting article about e-readers and how the devices are causing people to read more.  In fact the study found that 40% of the respondents said that they now read more than they did with print books.

AMEN. Finally a study identifies a trend that I noticed with my own reading habits and supported by several of my friends. (Yes, I did notice that it was commission by Sony, a maker of an e-reader.)

I LOVE my kindle. The ability to tote around many books at one time without all the bulk is a huge benefit.  When I’m stuck in the longest line in Target, the grocery store, or the post office all I have to do is pull out my iPhone and I can continue reading.  (I’ve also been known to do the same thing when I’m stuck at work waiting for a meeting to begin.)

I don’t understand people who are vehemently opposed to ebooks. Why can’t we find a place for both?

As much as I adore my kindle, I haven’t stopped buying printed books. I’m just more choosy about what I want in print vs electronic. Because, space is an issue. I live in an apartment. There are only so many book cases I can add and I just can’t find it upon myself to get rid of books. Even when I loan them out it is just that – a loan. I want that book back.

The only thing that has slowed down my ebook purchases has been the insanity by the publishers. I don’t buy MacMillan ebooks because their prices are usually insane. I purpose take them out from the library or get them from a friend. I’m not supporting a company that routinely charges consumers more than what is reasonable. I realize publishers are running a business and have to make a profit. But I shouldn’t have to pay the same amount as a paperback or hardcover. The paper, printing, and distribution charges are much higher for print than ebooks. I do feel guilty about this because it means the author isn’t getting any payment from me. But I would gladly send the author whatever portion they would have received and skip greedy publishers.



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