about me

I work to pay for my book buying and Amazon.com addictions. I love reading fiction, contemporary romance, politics, modern American history, and biographies.

I collect books on Chicago. I say collect because I have a bad case of shiny books syndrome and frequently buy new books before I’ve had the chance to read the ones I already own.  I’m fascinated by the 1920s and think The Great Gatsby is one of the best books ever written.

I live in the Chicago area and think it’s the best place to live. I would encourage everyone to move here except that would make my commute longer.

Disclosure Statement:
Books I review I have either purchased or borrowed. Occasionally I will review a book I have received from LibraryThing or GoodReads, if this is the case I will state so in the review.

Contact Me
E-mail: colleen.loves.books [at] gmail [dot] com


One response to “about me

  1. I am a writer and I respect your love of books I am now writing memoirs of my life it is call ” breaking through the chains” I think you will enjoy it….

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