Review: My One and Only

Kristan Higgin’s latest book, My One and Only,  made for the perfect escape reading this weekend. The story, about a divorced couple forced to spend time together offered some laughs,  a couple of tears (I’m a sap) and my favorite kind of ending to a book… happy ever after.

Harper is in her 30s with a successful career as a divorce attorney on Martha’s Vineyard and a  (hot) firefighter boyfriend of 2 1/2 years. She’s wants to settle down and have kids and decides now is the time. So she proposes to her boyfriend who isn’t exactly jumping for joy at the idea. Complicating matters she finds out (in the middle of her proposal) that her younger, irresponsible sister is engaged to a man she’s know for only a short period of time. They are getting married in Montana in 2 weeks. And worse yet, the fiance, is Harper’s ex-husband’s brother. (AWKWARD.) Harper is less than thrilled and concerned about her sister. This is her 3rd wedding, they haven’t know it each other for long and Harper has a pretty jaded view of marriage because of her career.  But she loves her sister so off to Montana she goes.

On the road to the lodge Harper meets Nick, her ex-husband. It’s pretty clear from the beginning that they have some unfinished business. It’s been 12 years since there divorce, but they still have feelings for each other. Nick is a successful architect. He’s responsible and want’s Harper to stop trying to break up the wedding. Harper reluctantly agrees and the wedding goes on.

Then a problem with airline equipment forces Harper to take a road trip with Nick. The road trip offers them a second chance at the honeymoon trip there were never able to take. They just to experience small town America and Nick and Harper are there for each other when situations arise along the way. Will they be able to simply walk away at the end of the trip?

There were things about this book that irked me. After a painful dinner the night she arrived in Montana,  she calls her friend the priest to chat. They can’t talk long because he has bingo that night. That’s all fine. But the time difference would mean that they were playing bingo around midnight? There’s a two hour difference between the time zones and this call was after dinner. So even if dinner was on the early end, that call was a bit late for the priest to be running out to bingo. Harper was also a little too much pro-divorce. I get that she was upset after her marriage broke up (and her parent’s marriage) but not every marriage is doomed to fail.  And if she was so against marriage, why on earth was she even thinking about marrying Dennis. Nick’s reluctance to take enough of the blame of their failed marriage also annoyed me. But those things weren’t enough to put the book down.

This book is packed with the things fans of Higgins come to expect: a small town setting setting in New England, devotion to the Red Sox, a friendly priest, a loveable but quirky family and funny dialog. If you are a fan of Higgins this book will not disappoint.


Favorite Lines:

“Should we get a stripper for her bachelorette party? Do they have Chippendales… where is it again?”

“Glacier National Park, she said”

“I wonder if they have male strippers out there?” Bev pursed her lips thoughtfully.

“I’m guessing not in the park itself,” I said. “Teddy Roosevelt would’ve frowned on that.”

Disclaimer:  I received my reviewer copy courtesy of Netgalley.


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