Review: The Weird Sisters

I cannot begin to tell you how much I adored Eleanor Brown’s book, The Weird Sisters.

The centers around the Andreas Sisters: Rose (Rosalind), Bean (Bianca), and Cody (Cordelia) named by their  father, a professor of Shakespeare, who communicates almost exclusively in verse. Their mother is an absent minded house wife. Books and reading played an enormous part in their lives.

All three find themselves back in their home town of Barnwell, Ohio at a crossroads. On the surface they claim to be home to help care for their mother as she battles breast cancer. But each of the sisters is battling their own struggle. Rose appears to be the successful sister. She is a Math Professor but she was just told that her position was being eliminated and her fiance Jonathan, also an academic, just earned a fellowship at Oxford. Jonathan wants Rose to move to England but Rose worries what that would mean. Who would take care of her family? Where would her next job come?

Bean was fired from her job in New York for stealing. She may appear to be glamorous but her life is anything but. Up to her eyes in debt, she flees New York for home. Feeling trapped in the small town and struggling to find herself, she begins an affair with a married man. Cordy, the baby, has traveled the United States for the last several years living in less than desirable places taking odd jobs just to get by. When she discovers she is pregnant she realizes that she needs to do something and moves home.

Over the next few months, we learn more about the sisters through flashbacks. We see how they took on their specific roles in the family. We see them struggle against their role. And finally we get a glimpse of how things are going to be in the future.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the narration. It was one of the things that I enjoyed most. The sisters (plural) serve as the narrator. It sounds strange, but it really works. It’s almost like you are getting insight into their world at the same time you are sitting back and watching everything unfold.

I highly recommend this book. I look forward to reading more from Eleanor Brown.



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