Review: Finding Home

Melanie Rose’s novel, Finding Home, centers around a woman, “Kate”, who gets in a car accident during a New England blizzard. She is rescued and finds herself in the house of Vincent James unable to remember who she is or where she was going. Vincent’s daughter, Jadie, takes an instant liking to her and breaks her two year silence by talking to Kate. Jadie, who has cystic fibrosis, tells Kate that Amber, her dead sister, told her that Kate was coming. Jadie’s nanny, Tara, takes an instant dislike to Kate. Kate plays with Jadie treating her like any other child while Tara is so concern with her health that she treats her like a rare collectible doll.

Tara’s brother Colin is a therapist and attempts to hypnotize Kate in effort to discover her true identity. Instead Kate begins to recount the life of “Kitty” a woman who lived in the area over 100 years ago. Though Kate’s sessions with Colin the reader is treated to tales of what it was like to live in New England in the early 1900s.

There are other rich characters including a neighbor, Maria, a single mother trying to raise her teenage son after her doctor husband left them. Maria is convinced that ghosts occupy her home. There’s also another neighbor, Adam, who lives with his elderly grandparents taking care of them and their farm. Vincent’s mother also makes an appearance. As the story progresses we find out what exactly happened to Vincent’s wife two years ago when she “left” and what exactly happened to Kitty all those years ago.

I began reading this book on my flight back from Florida last week and I have to say it made for the perfect reading. I was able to get lost in the story. Though the book is over 400 pages, it is a fast read.  I had read half the book by the time I landed at O’Hare. There are several twists and turns. Just when you think you have the story figured out, Rose tosses another curve ball.

If I had one complaint it was that I felt Kate’s great love affair happened so quickly and I didn’t quick see what exactly drew them together.  Was it their past lives?

This book might have not been very realistic, but it was a good read and helped me to escape the drudgery of air travel.

4/5 stars


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