Review: Then He Kissed Me

Then He Kissed Me is the second book in the Three Kisses series from Christie Ridgway.

Stephania, or Stevie, Baci is an independent woman and a bit of a tomboy. She owns and operates Napa Princess Limousines. While she and her sisters own Tanti Baci Winery she wants no part in running it. When her older sister Allie breaks her foot and  has surgery Stevie finds herself assisting in the wedding planning for her former love, Emerson, and his royal fiance, Princess Roxanne of Ardenia. (Yes, this one of those only in a romance/book/movie moments).

Roxy’s older brother, Prince Jacques “Jack” Parini, a supposed bad-boy with a history of being in the tabloids, shows up to protect his sister. Jack wants to make sure that Stevie doesn’t do anything to ruin his sister’s wedding. On the surface he appears to be a good for nothing spoiled Prince. But there’s more to him and you see that through his relationship with his sister and his friends.

Stevie is vulnerable. She’s different from her sisters and doesn’t appear to be as comfortable in her skin. She tends to hold herself back in relationships. I really liked the character of Jack. It’s clear he loves his sister and feels guilt over an incident in their past. But I also liked how he was drawn to Stevie. When Emerson shows up at Stevie’s and says some not so nice things, Jack wants to punch him for what he said to Stevie – not because he was about to hurt his sister.

I liked that Roxy and Jack weren’t perfect. I’ve read some books before where the “royal” is perfect but that wasn’t the case. Both Roxy and Jack come with baggage and flaws. But with their partners help they can overcome them.

While the book focuses on Stevie and Jack, the secondary romance between Roxy and Emerson was also well developed and well written. While it could be easy to hate Roxy because she stole Emerson’s heart, you can’t help but like her. Even Emerson who doesn’t come off as being of great character turns out to be a good guy.

While this book is part of a series, it can be read on its own. You won’t loss much if you aren’t familiar with the storyline with Allie or Penn. If you are looking for a light fluffy, sweet read, I would recommend this book. I just wish I didn’t have to wait so long for the next installment!



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