Review: Yours for the Taking

Yours for the Taking is the fourth installment in Robin Kaye’s Domestic Gods series. It did not disappoint.

Ben Walsh owns an art gallery in New York but his true home is a cabin in Idaho. His rich grandfather hatches a plan that requires Ben to be married before the year is out if he wants to get his hands on his beloved home. But Ben is a confirmed bachelor and does not want to marry. He devises his own plan where he will get married but in name only. After some time his and his wife will go their separate ways. He with his beloved cabin and she with a fat settlement check.

But everything doesn’t go according to plan when Ben decides to marry Gina. Gina and Ben couldn’t be more different. Gina didn’t grow up with the privileges that Ben did. She couldn’t even rely on her parents. Gina instead learned to rely on herself and take care of her sister. So trusting Ben and dealing with situations outside of her convent zone are very frightening to her.

One of the things I love about Kaye’s books is the supporting cast of characters. I loved the meddling but loving Grandpa Joe. He accepted Gina right into the family and saw that she had the potential to make Ben happy. Kate as Ben’s pseudo-mother/aunt was also great. She loves the boy something fierce, but the second he hurts Gina she lets him know it. Her children Karma, Trapper, Hunter and Fisher were also great. I really hope that we see future books with them… particularly Trapper.

Another thing I like about Kaye is that she writes books with strong female characters and men that aren’t too macho to that they are afraid to pick up a vacuum. The men are confident. And their support/acceptance/desire of these strong women is very sexy.

If you haven’t read any of Kaye’s other books, don’t worry you can start with this one. But warning: you’ll probably want to read the others as soon as you finish this one. 4/5


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