Review: A Daring Proposition

A Daring Proposition, Jennifer Greene’s previously published book is being re-released from Carina Press today.

Leigh would like nothing more in life than to have a baby. But she doesn’t want to go about it the traditional way. Leigh has inherited money from her parent’s but she’s not the type to sit back, relax and live off her inheritance. She enjoys a successful career as a CPA. She decides to approach Brian, a notorious playboy at a firm she audited, with a proposition: She’ll pay him $10,000 for his sperm with no strings attached.

Brian is tired of the gossip about his personal life. He sees Leigh’s proposal as the solution to his problem. He’ll give her a donation, but he doesn’t want the money he want’s something more… marriage. Brian believes that if they are married, he can  avoid all the”husband hunters”. He believes that they could have a marriage of convenience … he can get sex elsewhere.

Leigh isn’t so keen on the marriage proposition but goes along with the plan because she is disparate to have a child. But once Leigh is pregnant and Brian moves in, things begin to change. What seemed like a marriage of convenience is turning into much more.

I enjoyed reading this book and it wasn’t until after I finished it that I discovered it was previously published in the early 1980s. The author apparently updated parts of it for this publication. But it read different than many of the contemporary romances I have read. At times it did feel a little dated. I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly made me feel this way but it’s different. But not in a way that would prevent me from finishing the book or even rereading it.

The characters are likable. One thing that I found interesting is that as confident as Leigh is in her career she was much less so in her personal relationships. She lived the life of a bit of a loaner. It surprised me that the trauma affected Leigh so deeply. Brian had an ego the size of Montana, but he cared about Leigh and you could see his feelings grow stronger as time went on.  I particularly liked the character of Robert. He loved Leigh like a granddaughter and wanted to see her happily married with a child. Or at least out living life. Brian’s respect for their relationship was touching.

I enjoyed this book by Greene and will definitely be checking out some of her other works.

3.5/5 stars

Disclaimer: I received my copy from Netgalley


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