Medical Romance

I don’t know what has gotten into me lately. Based on a recommendation I checked out a Medical Romance from Harlequin. It was a good read but it was like a gateway drug, now I’m reading more. Why? I’m not in the medical field and have zero interest in medicine. Yet somehow these stories have been pulling me in. Apparently there’s nothing like escaping real life and work.

This past weekend I read two: Alessandro and the Cheery Nanny and The Marry-Me Wish.

Alessandro and the Cherry Nanny by Amy Andrews (Ignore the goofy title)

Here’s the description: High-flying surgeon meets a real-life Mary Poppins!

Italian surgeon Alessandro Lombardi had it all–distinguished career, newborn heir, beautiful wife. But that life is gone forever now, and he and his little boy have come to Australia to start over.

Things start looking up when bubbly nanny and E.R. nurse Natalie Davies and her mischievous kitten move in! They put the smile back on his son’s sad face, and Natalie ignites a flame in Alessandro’s deeply guarded heart.

Nat hides her own heartache behind her twinkling eyes, but she’s already fallen for Alessandro’s little boy, and she knows she’s in danger of tripping head over heels for a man who has sworn never to love again….

This book was sweet. Nat is immediately drawn to Alessandro’s son Julian. Julian is a sad little boy and his relationship with his father is strained. Alessandro is a doctor who’s wife recently died in an accident. Looking to start fresh, Alessandro moves from London to Australia.

In one of those ‘this only happens in romance novels’ situations, Nat moves in with Alessandro and Julian. It appears that the home she is building isn’t done and her lease can’t be renewed so she finds herself in Alessandro’s space. She starts redecorating and bringing color into Alessandro and Julian’s lives – both literally and figuratively. Father and son are growing closer with Nat’s help.

Alessandro neglects to reveal an important detail about his deceased wife – she bares a striking resemblance to Nat. When Nat finds out she is upset thinking that Alessandro is just using her as a replacement. When they are forced to live together due to a swamp flu outbreak the truth comes out. Alessandro realizes that he loves Nat and confesses his feelings.

Situations that sound like a soap opera with a predictable outcome? Yes, but it still made for a good read. 3/5

The Marry-Me WIsh by Alison Roberts

Pediatric surgeon Anne Bennett loves her job–but she’s never wanted children of her own. Offering to carry her sister’s baby for her is an act of love, and Anne is certain, practical as ever, that she will be able to remain detached.

Nine months pregnant with twins, she isn’t expecting to bump into ex-love Dr. David Earnshaw. Their relationship stumbled over the baby issue, and the look on his face when he sees her suggests that the bottom has fallen out of his world.

But when the babies are born, learning to live without them is harder than Anne had expected–and she discovers that she needs David more than ever….

Poor Anne. She thought she knew what she wanted in life. But that all changes one day when she bumps into her ex-husband. One of the things that I I liked about this book is that Roberts didn’t make David the character obsessed with his career. He wanted a family, and it was one of reasons that caused him to divorce Anne.

But after she gives birth to twins for her sister and brother-in-law (which he delivers!) things change. In another ‘only in romance novel’ scene, Anne finds herself living in David’s house when her house needs to repaired. They start spending more and more time together. David helps Anne deal with the unexpected feelings of loss. Anne in turn is helping David to restore his home. Little by little the come to realize that they belong together.

I’m not going to spoil things… but I will say that I really liked the epilogue.



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