Review: The One That I Want

Allison Winn Scotch’s latest book, The One That I Want, is about reclaiming your dreams.

Tilly Farmer is a 32 year old woman married to her high school sweetheart, working in her old high school as the guidance counselor. She believes she has the perfect life, outside of not having a baby. But she’s working on that. Then one day everything changes. She runs into an old friend, Ashley, who gives her the gift of clarity. Next thing you know Tilly is seeing things before they actually happen. Her father’s relapse and car accident, Tyler (her husband) packing their house and moving, her best friend with another man, etc.

Tilly’s life changes. She sees things she doesn’t want to see. Her perfect little life isn’t so perfect. Her husband is miserable. He doesn’t want to live in their home town. He had dreams. He was supposed to be a star baseball player. He decides to go to Seattle and get a job at the university scouting kids for baseball. But he doesn’t expect Tilly to come with.Tilly is devastated.

At school she’s barely managing to keep it together. Her beloved prom and school musical don’t interest her. And she has trouble remembering why she scheduled meetings with her star student.

One day while searching through some boxes in her Dad’s basement she stumbles across her old camera and and old photo she took when her family was happy. Right before her mother died of cancer. She used to love taking pictures but when her Mom died, she stopped.

Eli, the new art teacher at school, loans her his Nikon and encourages her to take photos. At one point he even gives her an assignment. She realizes that she loves taking pictures.

An incident involving one of her sisters causes her to take stock of her life. Her sisters help her to realize that she isn’t responsible for taking care of everyone. They are adults now.

I enjoyed this book. The message about second chances and following your dreams spoke to me. Because who hasn’t had one of those moments when they thought, is this what I really want to be doing? Tilly settled. For a long time she was happy. She thought she had everything in life. But really she was stuck. When she was given a shove, she found that her dream wasn’t to be a guidance counselor in her old High School.

I found the character of Eli to be charming. He seemed like a nice guy and it was easy to see why she was drawn to him. Her sister Darcy seemed to come off as a bit of a flighty brat. Just when she really started to bug me, she changed. And I liked her friends Suzanna and Ashley. They became a tight group of friends.

I would recommend this book and give it a 3.5/5.


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