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Flavorwire has an interesting post on what you’re reading in public says about you. I have to admit, I loved this one:

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: You never read The Da Vinci Code, and you’re not going to feel left out this time

Because it seems like the books have taken on a life of their own. I have yet to read any of them but friends all tell me I’ll love the book. Even though they can’t quite explain why they love the book.

The post reminded me one of the reasons I love my kindle is that people can’t tell what I’m reading so that can’t make any judgments.  (No looks of disdain if I happen to be reading ::shock:: a romance. ) So instead of questions about what I am reading I end up fielding questions about the kindle itself.

Occasionally I end up in a debate about ebooks vs paper. “How can you read ebooks? It’s just not the same.” That’s true. Since I’ve bought my kindle I think I’m reading more and I feel like I’m reading faster. This may or may not be true. I like the convenience factor. When I travel for work, I have access to a bunch of different books in the space that one takes up. But I’ll never give up on paper books. I’m just more choosy. If it isn’t something that I want to later display on a book shelf, I go ebook. That new book on Chicago, bought the hardback.

And speaking of ebooks… I love that Kristan Higgins made the USAToday list today at #102 for her ebook edition of All I Ever Wanted. As Jane from Dear Author noted, There are other (E) editions on the list.  I think this is a real sign of the ebook penetration. I hope we see more ebooks on the list and then maybe publishers will stop fighting it. (I’m talking about you MacMillian.)

Side note: If you haven’t picked up All I Ever Wanted, I recommend it. It’s a good read.


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  1. Stella

    Thanks for sharing. I loved this one: “On the Road: You’ve lived in the same place since… 2004? Buy a bus ticket already!”

    It’s been such an entertaining read, especially since, every day when riding the subway, I’m more interested in what other passengers are reading than on reading a book myself (Shame on me? I know.).

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